Which Social Media Trends Are Working in 2021?

As America moves closer to its new normal, social media has remained an important marketing tool for credit unions looking to reach out to existing and potential new members. Now that we are halfway through 2021, which trends are going to stick around for a while longer? Here are a couple of notable social media trends of 2021, according to Smart Insights:

The Organic Social Media Relationship Funnel

Building trust and relationships remains an essential part of the social media marketing process, as well as the hardest. Word-of-mouth is king, and if someone’s satisfied or not happy with a brand or service, they will talk about it, as shown by Iterable’s 2021 Consumer Psychology Poll. Listen to what your members have to say, and by addressing concerns, you will gain trust.


Different kinds of people use different social media platforms. Simple posts on one platform will only get you a limited audience. Now is the time to invest in various platforms, such as TikTok, to reach different audiences and how best to illustrate your credit union’s mission, products and services to these diverse audiences.

Which Social Media Trends Are Working in 2021?

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