Social Media Trends To Watch For In 2021

This past year has lead to financial marketing undergoing major upheaval. Social media quickly became a primary method for reaching consumers, and as we continue to deal with the coronavirus, this trend will continue.

 Check out these social media trends credit unions will want to keep an eye on as we enter the new year:

  1. Ephemeral content consists of posts that are available for a short amount of time before disappearing completely. Given how short people’s attention spans are in today’s world, this format is quick and easy to consume. The most prevalent examples of this type of content are Snapchat and Instagram Stories, and its popularity is growing, particularly on Instagram. According to an article from Influencer MarketingHub, a recent report from from Hootsuite says that 64% of marketers either plan to incorporate Instagram stories into their marketing strategies or have already done so.
  2. Customer Service through social media has become table stakes. It’s not just for sharing  photos of your pets anymore! Businesses have discovered its potential as a tool to reach and hear from consumers directly. Today, more customer service interactions are occurring on social media channels. Of course, because Facebook, Twitter and others are public websites, interactions with consumers must be handled with care or your brand will face serious backlash, particularly for credit unions and other financial institutions that must be careful with consumers’ information.

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Social Media Trends To Watch For In 2021

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