Prepare For Social Media Changes In 2022

Social media trends continue to come and go, and it can be difficult for marketing teams to keep up at times. However, it’s already beginning to look like 2022 will be a game-changing year for social media and credit union marketing teams. Keep a close eye on these trends which, according to Hootsuite, could end up dominating the new year:

More Spending On Smaller Social Media Networks

The large social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) have long been saturated by billions of advertisements from a number of companies, but new research is finding that consumers are likely to be more receptive to advertising on platforms such Pinterest and Snapchat due to less ad saturation, and in turn, less ad fatigue. If your credit union plans to invest in these smaller platforms, the key to a successful campaign is to make sure that your ads “fit in” with the rest of the content that’s already being posted by the average user.

TikTok Will Become Number 1 For Marketers

As of September 2021, TikTok now has over one billion subscribers, and in the past couple of years, new business tools have been introduced to the platform, including a creator marketplace and business profiles. Given this rapid growth and the introduction of these new tools, TikTok has a lot of marketing opportunities for credit unions in the new year. Consider creating your own handle, learning about the platform, and take the time to create your TikTok marketing strategy.

Prepare For Social Media Changes In 2022

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