How Credit Unions Can Catch Attention On Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest social media sites out there with millions of users around the world. Many companies have been able to take full advantage of the visibility the platform provides by putting out engaging and informative posts, and your credit union can do the same if you do it right!

Simple posts advertising your lending products are necessary, but a good company Facebook page does more than that. There also needs to be fun and informative posts because it’s those types of content that keep people coming back to visit the page. Perhaps you support a local Humane Society branch; you can feature an animal that’s ready for adoption like Mountain West Credit Union does. You can also address current events, such as what Navy Federal Credit Union did to support the U.S. Olympic Team.

Facebook can be a great place to engage with your members and build a lasting relationship with them. The Loan Lead Generator integrates with your Facebook page, so you can bring in more leads 24/7.

How Credit Unions Can Catch Attention On Facebook

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