2 Top Social Media Trends for Your Credit Union

It has been almost a year since the coronavirus pandemic took over all of our lives and forced us as a society to change how communicate. Marketing teams took to social media platforms and consumers of all ages responded to companies’ digital marketing efforts. Here are a couple of the latest trends and social media statistics you should be keeping an eye on, according to SocialMediaToday:

  1. Continued Growth of Video: The use of video continues to remain prevalent in today’s digital landscape. Youtube in particular has been seeing much attention. 4X the amount of people prefer watch Youtube than other non-video social media platforms, and 68% watch Youtube in order to make a purchasing decision. In the case of credit unions, Youtube can reach a wide variety of people and is a great place to put out educational content.
  2. Social Conversation: Today, if someone doesn’t like the content you’re putting out, they can very easily walk away. 68% of Americans don’t think companies share interesting content, so financial marketers need to work towards putting out content that isn’t just informative; there needs to be a little bit of entertainment value.

Social media will continue to be a much needed marketing platform for the foreseeable future. The Loan Lead Generator can use social media, specifically your Facebook page, to help your credit union bring in new leads 24/7! Click here to learn more and schedule a demo!

2 Top Social Media Trends for Your Credit Union

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