Loan Inquiry

How does the Loan Lead Generator work?

The Loan Lead Generator is an automated chat system – also known as a chatbot – that engages your potential borrowers, captures important lead data and allows them to schedule a follow up call or branch appointment with a service representative or loan officer.

Easily integrated with your Facebook business page, the Loan Lead Generator is activated when your potential borrower clicks on a button on your Facebook page or Facebook ad, and conducts the automated conversation using the Facebook Messenger app. The Loan Lead Generator provides complete access to the automated conversation and, if the borrower does not set an appointment, still allows your team to follow up via Messenger at your discretion and convenience.


Using our intuitive dashboard, your financial institution can log in and easily customize your loans, rates and terms described in the automated conversation. We can even customize the chat language to be consistent with your branding.

The Loan Lead Generator includes these features:

  • The technology can integrate with your Facebook business page and/or website.
  • The Loan Lead Generator will increase your social media ROI by capturing qualified loan leads and converting them into a scheduled appointment with a representative or loan officer.
  • Improve your customer experience by providing automated answers to your customized FAQs. We use NLP (Natural Language Processing) to provide the most service-driven chatbot experience possible.
  • Using Open API programming, the Loan Lead Generator can be integrated with any CRM system or LOS system to automate the data entry of your loan leads.
  • LOS integration can also be programmed to provide your borrowers with real-time loan application status via Facebook messenger. 

Ready to see a demo?

Click on the link below and follow the instructions to interact with the Loan Lead Generator on Facebook. 

Click on the second link or click on play in the window below to watch a demo video on YouTube.

  • Facebook link
    • Click on the send message button and click on “Get Started”.
    • Select one of services (user can navigate service by clicking “>” arrow).
    • Select one of the available actions for loan inquiry (Home or Auto).
    • Provide financial details on popup screen and click submit.
    • The Loan Lead Generator will show you which loan products are available to your borrower and give them the option of booking an appointment.
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