Amazon Prime Day: How Credit Unions Can Take Part In The Deals

This year’s Amazon Prime Day is October 13-14, and it is already looking to be a large and important shopping event, so your credit union will really want its credit card top of wallet! Prime Day was supposed to be in July, but with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, Amazon decided to not have […]

Successful Social Media Marketing for Credit Unions

Social media has become all the more prevalent in our increasingly digital age. In recent months, more people than ever have been flocking toward various digital channels for many different reasons, from checking in on loved ones to sharing DIY projects. For financial institutions, using these channels of communication in a way that will best […]

Integrated Marketing: Connecting Your Credit Union With The World

Reaching out to consumers is a cornerstone of marketing, but the ways in which we achieve that have changed over time. With digital platforms becoming one of the main delivery mechanisms for distributing all kinds of marketing alongside broadcast and print, ensuring your messaging reaches your audience has gotten easier. However, it can be tricky […]

Marketing & Member Experience Trends 2020: Predictions Then vs. Reality Now

At the end of 2019, marketing teams planned for the New Year made their predictions for the coming year. What’s clear at this point is that they’re all wrong. No one could have predicted a global pandemic, forcing nearly everything to shut down and throwing commerce into turmoil. With this sudden change to the way […]

Generating Loans in a Socially Distanced, Digital World

Credit unions and community banks are welcomed and trusted alternatives to large commercial banks. However, to keep supporting members and the community at large, they must bring in income like any other business. They do that by making loans, and marketers and loan officers are charged with bringing them in.  With the rapid evolution of […]

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