About Us​

What can we innovate today? We ask ourselves this question every day. The drive to build upon our work, create something new and deliver value to our customers is the thread that binds us together.

Milpitas Communications is California based information technology company. We create digital solutions for Main Street small to medium sized businesses improve their user experiences to boost sales, better manage their businesses, reach more people and increase revenue.

Heather Anderson

Sales Representative

Heather Anderson has worked in the credit union community for 30 years, beginning with a college internship at a credit union marketing agency. She has worked in business development at First Entertainment Credit Union and SkyOne FCU. 

However, she is best known for her work at Credit Union Times, where she covered the corporate credit union crisis and mortgage meltdown as a correspondent. She was later Washington Reporter and Executive Editor at CU Times.

Heather lives in Southern California and is currently owner of Oasis Group, LLC, where she works with fintechs, institutional investment firms and other businesses, assisting them with strategic marketing, publicity and sales.

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